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Research Paper Writing: The Most Common Stumbling Blocks

Successful research writing is impossible without a lot of work. You are expected to display not only smart ideas, but you also need to find out what the experts think about the same topic. Plus, to all the above-mentioned tortures, you will need to arrange your scientific work properly. The main thing is that you should start early as this work can take much more time than you think.

There are several must-steps for crafting an A+ paper:

  • Selecting a topic. If there is no a certain topic, try to come up with something original. Choosing something that you really are interested in
  • Choosing a narrower theme. Instead of writing about music, you will have to narrow the topic of research to the history of the clarinet, for example
  • Conducting research. The purpose of the research work is to study its main subject. Use the materials available in the library, the library archive, the database, look for information on trustworthy sites, in encyclopedias, and other reference materials (journals, online sources, etc.). Find as many information sources as possible on the topic of your work and make photocopies as you will need them later
  • Rereading materials. Focus the attention of your readers on the vital ideas, then thoroughly study the data you selected. Put bookmarks on pages containing useful information. Emphasize or somehow highlight important places, and any other information that is necessary for your work
  • Writing an introduction. The well-written beginning is a key to your scientific work’s success! Include a brief description of the essence of the work or the subject under study. Assure that it accurately reflects your thoughts. Keep in mind that your research is an effective tool for confirming your words.
  • Composing your work. Each paragraph should correspond to the introduction. Use quotes to reinforce the facts and maintain the main idea of your work. Always refer only to proven sources
  • Checking the grammar, spelling, and syntax. Make sure that the work is built on smooth and logical transitions from one reflection to another, from one paragraph to another. You cannot jump from one idea to another. Make sure that your work contains all the necessary elements, including the title page, the content, the introduction, the main part, the conclusion, literature list, and the application. Before submitting your scientific work for consideration, check it again not less than three times.

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